LETTER: Get involved with climate action

The letter from Bernard Mahoney [June 28] about the lack of credible science in the Trump administration’s climate policies struck a nerve with me. I agree with his call for public action.

Unfortunately, many people who want to get involved don’t know how, but there are opportunities in many places. On the federal level there are organizations, such as Citizen’s Climate Lobby, working to establish market-based approaches to emissions control that could reduce CO2 emissions by 40 percent by 2040. These groups need help organizing and lobbying legislators.

More locally there is Fossil Free Fredericksburg, which is working to help the city commit to a renewable energy future. The RepowerREC.com campaign is promoting affordable clean-energy and efficiency options in Spotsylvania and neighboring counties served by Rappahannock Electric Cooperative. All area residents can help educate their municipalities on energy efficiency initiatives and opportunities for alternative energy supplies and transportation that could reduce emissions and save money while building a more sustainable future and infrastructure. Getting involved is as simple as getting on a mailing list and attending a meeting.

Amanda Stebbins


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